The 2019 Subaru BRZ

Born to drive.

The BRZ was engineered from the ground up with a single purpose. With the light and low 205-horsepower6 SUBARU BOXER® engine as a foundation, and all the necessary qualities built-in—quick steering, low center of gravity, rear-wheel drive, low weight, energetic throttle response—the BRZ delivers driving euphoria at any speed, everywhere you drive it.

Engineering that doesn’t outsource the driving.

In sweepers or hairpins, the BRZ listens to your hands with startling precision and answers back with exhilarating immediacy. It’s an experience that allows nothing to unplug the connection between you, your car and the road.

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Control under braking

Everything about the BRZ is engineered for driving fun. That philosophy extends right down to the brake pedal, which has a firm, progressive feel for confident control on every corner. And like all the pedals on the BRZ, it features a motorsport-style drilled metal design.



Low, stable, with immediate power delivery, the SUBARU BOXER® engine with up to 205 hp6 is the heart and soul of the BRZ. With port- and direct-injection technology, its efficiency is impeccable—up to 33 highway MPG29—and its power easily harnessed with either the lauded 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission or a quick-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission with manual mode and paddle shifters.

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Subaru Active and Passive Safety

When it comes to safety, we’ll never do anything halfway. Subaru engineers vehicles with the best possible protection and with multifaceted features and designs that work in the real world. That commitment has driven us to give the BRZ safety features that exceed expectations.

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Accolades & Awards

  • Top Safety Award

    Subaru is the 2018 Top Brand for Residual Value, according to ALG.26

  • Top Safety Award

    Built to Last

    IHS Markit

    97% of Subaru vehicles sold in the last 10 years are still on the road today.27

  • Top Safety Award

    Best Performance Brand

    Kelley Blue Book

    Subaru is the 2018 Most Trusted Brand, according to Kelley Blue Book30.